Tuesday 18 July 2017

Enjoy your loved panipuri at newly opened gapagap franchise in Indore

Indoris be ready for tasting new form of panipuris with different flavours that you can’t even imagine might exist. Everything available here is amazing, unique and phenomenal. Indore is in heart of India, people are food lovers, adventurous and always focusing on development and growth of the city. On the streets of Indore number of local stalls owner offer varieties of food items at reasonable prices but cuisines aren’t prepared by using standard techniques. Now your wait is over, visit at chatar patar to enjoy hygienic panipuris offer with high-class hospitality. Chatar patar definitely appear different from other fast food franchise, starting from colour combination, ways to serve golgappa, cleanliness and freshness. Chatar patar has reshaped street food infrastructure, earlier panipuris were only available at local vendors and their methods to prepare snacks were doubted by people.
Chatar Patar, Indian first professionally operated gapagap franchise has done tremendous growth and development but after expansion at pan India, the brand was opened in Indore. Interesting fact is that, the brand was started from Indore with low investment and was developed into franchise business model to expand at pan India level. First chatar patar outlet was opened in Gujarat since then there was no looking back as brand has outlets in major cities and also focusing on international market. People are crazy when they saw vast flavours of panipuris, chaats and other snacks offered at reasonable prices. At chatar patar Indore, people were so happy to see their loved food item served in different styles with amazing taste as well. It is just the beginning of modern day panipuri, a lot more to be experience in coming months. It is expected that few more outlets about to open in Indore in coming months. Investors are betting high on franchise business model developed by chatar patar foods Pvt. Ltd.


  1. Nice Info.
    You can also get Chater Patar Franchise from Franbs. and they provide end to end support to your Franchise.

  2. No doubt Chaat franchise is a profitable business in India because every body here just love that. Every religion every age criteria just love chaat.


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